Outta nowhere

Varan, Parc du Lumphini, Bangkok, octobre 2009

Resignation is the little death that brings total obliteration of the mind. Learn German // Oh shit, there’s like a billion new songs in my playlist. Press play // What’s that on the shelf? Oh, my camera. // A hundred pages in a week is not enough. Let’s open that book. Or maybe I should blog about it. // Crap, beer belly. Let’s have Gin & Tonic // Stop chasing ghosts. Zombies are a lot funnier // Weekend. Copenhagen. Soon. Lille. Sooner. Berlin. Two weeks. Paris? Saturday // Real life never follows the script.

Inarticulate thoughts and a playlist. Outta nowhere.

– Mais pourquoi en anglais ?!
– Parce que vraiment l’allemand, c’est pas encore ça.