Welcome to the Jungle

Jungle tropicale, Thaïlande, octobre 2009

'Just because General fucking Levy gets a single in the top ten, and some art-school wankers starts writing about Jungle, and the next thing you know anything with a backbeat's "Jungle." Even Everything But The fucking Girl!' She folded her arms. 'Everything But The Girl aren't Jungle, alright?'

He nodded. It was clear he had never heard of Everything But The Girl.

She closed her eyes and bit back a grin. 'Right. There's a lot going on in Jungle: there's intelligent Jungle, there's Hardstep, Techstepping, Jazz Jungle... I like 'em all, but I can't cut Hardstep tracks. All the darkness edges. You want Hardstep, go to Ed Rush or Skyscraper or something, Ok? I cut tunes more like Bukem, DJ Rap, stuff like that.' Natasha was enjoying herself enormously, lecturing him, watching his eyes dart frantically around. He had no idea what she was talking about.

China Miéville - King Rat

PIL #73 Welcome to the Jungle


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